Monday, 22 February 2016

Fraser Island Camping Trip Report

My research into visiting Fraser Island lead me to believe that three things would definitely happen; I would see dingoes, catch fish and get bogged.  Of these three things, only one happened....

The Fraser Island adventure began with a ferry ride from River Heads on the mainland.  Once on the island all of the vehicles made a bee line across the Island to Eurong on 75 Mile Beach Road.  Not having being to Fraser before, we were a little green when it came to navigating the really soft sections of track.  But we learned our lessons...and learned them quickly....we needed to make tracks to Ocean Lake whilst the tide was on our side!

75 Mile Beach Road, heading to Ocean Lake

In our bid to really 'get away from it all' our group booked Ocean Lake camp-site, between Waddy Point and Ngkala Rocks.  We decided on an impressive position with uninterrupted ocean views.  The Blackwolf Turbo 240 was up in no time at all, the communal Gazebo was given pride of place on our sandy knoll, the chairs put into position and drinks handed around.  

Ah the serenity...

And then the weather moved in...

The wind picked up...

By the first morning our group was nearly sent mad by the howling winds from the South Pacific Ocean.  As we assessed the damaged incurred during the night we discovered that one of the legs on the Turbo tent had popped from the central hub.  I was very excited to see that nothing had snapped and it had done exactly what it was engineered to do in extreme conditions.  It was a relatively quick fix and good as new before the next gaffa tape required.  

It was the Oztrail 3 person dome tent, otherwise knows as the teenager's retreat, that came up trumps.  I had even forgotten to provide said teenager with sand pegs.  Admittedly the positioning of the tent was a bit more protected from the elements, however, it's also testament to the importance of pitching out the tent properly.  

Teenager's retreat

After relocating our camp-site to a more sheltered position, we began exploring....

The most northern point of Fraser Island is Sandy Cape where the historic and still functional light house, Sandy Cape Light, stands.  

Sandy Cape Light

I wouldn't say it's a difficult walk up to the lighthouse, but I would suggest taking a bottle of water and wearing appropriate footwear.  It's a 2.5km round trip, and the track is uphill to the lighthouse.  It's worth it, though, as the views from the top are priceless.

Looking East from Sandy Cape Light

Looking North from Sandy Cape Light

A great stop for lunch....look at that view!

Maheno Ship-wreck

Access to Champagne Baths

On the road to Lake MacKenzie

Lake MacKenzie...I'll be back!

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