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Our number one camping tip!

Over the years we've developed a multitude of camping tips, which we will list over time. Many of them are very useful. Today however, I'm going to focus on what I consider the most important and relevant tip for every camper. It doesn’t matter if you're a hiker, four wheel driver, caravanner, car camper or festival camper this tip applies to you.
This tip, once you're told seems obvious, but so often we see it ignored. It also should be applied in many other aspects of our lives, but so often isn’t.

Imagine this, you've just spent six months planning and saving for your first camping trip. You've researched what gear you want, you've booked a place to stay and you've paid your hard earned cash to get the gear you need.

You drive six hours to that perfect camp ground, with a wonderful view of the ocean and not a person in sight. You start to set up camp, and you discover that you didn't in fact return the pegs that you borrowed from the tent bag. They're still at home on the work bench!

Setting all your gear up for a trial run a few weeks before you head away lets you identify these human errors, it also means that you can look out for any damage that may have occurred during storage – ie: Rodents deciding your tent could be used to make their perfect home.

So next time you're going away, do the right thing. Do a trial set-up with all your gear a week before you head away. You may identify something you need that you simply hadn’t thought of. Don’t take a chance, this is something you can control! You've spent so much time preparing and researching for that perfect camping trip don’t let it be ruined by being unprepared.

So here it is the number one camping tip:

Number 1 Camping Tip – Be prepared: Do a trial set-up a week before with all your gear.

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