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Coleman Hot Water on Demand Vs Companion Aquacube Logic Vs Companion Aquacube Digital

There are currently three primary choices of portable hot water systems available on the market today.  They are the:
All of these hot water systems work in the same way to produce the hot water.  They all use a small pump to pull the water through copper piping where a gas burner is heating up the water.  They are all very good, and for this reason are available from Tentworld camping stores.

This gas burner is adjustable, to allow for you to adjust the temperature to what you require.

However, there are some slight differences in them that will appeal to different people.  The advantages of each unit are:

Coleman Hot Water on Demand

The Coleman Hot Water on Demand, is able to put more heat water to a higher temperature.  This is particularly handy for those who like to wash dishes in very hot water.  The Coleman HWOD is able to get the water up to around 70 degrees.  Generally people prefer to shower in water temperatures ranging from 30 degrees to 42.

The Coleman Hot Water system runs from a rechargeable battery, and can be recharged from 12v or 240v. 

The Coleman Hot Water system is built into a plastic case, and uses error lights to communicate and errors it may be having such as over temperature etc.
Companion Aquacube Logic

The Aquacube Logic has a rechargeable battery built into it.  However, if this rechargeable battery is flat it is able to be run directly from 240v or 12v until you have a chance to recharge it.

The Aquacube Logic, is able to produce a maximum temperature of up to 47 degrees, any higher and a safety switch will turn the unit off.  This temperature range is perfect for showering, and general use.  It also appeals to many with younger families, knowing that their childen cannot burn themselves.

There are two water oulets on the Companion Aquacube Logic.  One is set up to simulate a hot water tap, for filling buckets the other is an outlet for  also offers two water outlets, one which simulates a hot water tap and another for connecting the shower hose to. 

The Aquacube Logic, also comes as standard with the shower hose as well as the carry bag.  These are extras for the Coleman though can be often purchased together in a package deal.

There are two temperature displays on the Aquacube Logic.  One for the hot water temperature read out, the other to tell you how how the water is thats entering the system to be heated. 

Physically the Companion Aquacube Logic is smaller, and lighter (9.3kgs Vs 10.5kgs)

The Aquacube Logic uses error codes on the digital screen to communicate any errors it may be having, such as over temperature etc.

Companion Aquacube Digital

The Companion Aquacube Digital Hot Water Shower 

The Aquacube Digital, is similar to the Aquacube Logic except that it does not have a rechargeable battery and can only operate from 12v.  This is seen as being advantageous by some people, who prefer not to have to look after rechargeable batteries. 

Similar to the Aquacube Logic, the Aquacube Digital features a digital temperature display for the hot water.  There is however, no temperature read out for the incoming cold water. 

The Aquacube Digital is also lighter than the Coleman or Logic at 6kgs. 

Hopefully,  this information will help you in making your comparison & review of the Coleman Hot Water on Demand Vs Companion Aquacube Logic Vs Companion Aquacube Digital

Please if you would like to know anymore about these hot water systems, feel free to call us on 1300 836 896, email me using this link, or leave a comment below!

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