Friday, January 6

4 reasons why using a tarp under your tent is essential

For many people, their tent is the single largest expenditure made when getting set up to go camping.

For this reason, it's a good idea to try protect your tent as best you can.   Ensuring you get the longest life from your tent.  The single biggest thing you can do, to protect your tent from damage is by using a ground sheet, tarp or mesh underneath your tent.

By using a ground sheet, tarp or mesh under your tent you will:
  1. Know the space you need for your tent,  before beginning to set it up.  This will allow you to thoroughly check for any rocks, sticks, bumps and lumps and possible ants nests that you may be setting up on.
  2. Protect your investment:  By using a easily replaced tarp as an additional layer of defence you'll further protect your tent from any tears or punctures that it may be exposed to from any missed rocks, sticks etc.
  3. Makes pack up easy as your tent floor will be dry and clean.  
  4. Replacing a tarp is a heck of a lot cheaper than replacing your tent.
Tip:  If using a tarp, make sure that no edges protrude out the sides of your tent.  Just fold any extra tarp under the tent.  Otherwise if it rains the water will pool under your tent!

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