Wednesday, 4 April 2012

80 of the best first time camping tips from campers around the world!

Recently the Sleeping in Tents Page asked its 420,000 + fans from around the world what advice they would give someone who's never been camping before.  9 hours later, they had 1663 tips. I have read through these and picked the best 80 camping tips for you.  Read on to see them!

These campers sighted at Burleigh Heads, clearly did not follow the tips below.

The 80 best tips from experienced campers around the world are, in no particular order:
  1. Bring bug spray.  
  2. Set your tent up at home before heading out.
  3. Bring extra socks.
  4. Do bring a can opener!
  5. Bring a tent.
  6. Always make sure the fly on your tent is pegged out tightly.  So many times fellow campers have gotten wet because they couldn't be bothered pegging out their fly! 
  7. NEVER leave your fire unattended.
  8. Pack extra batteries for your flash light.
  9. Put a tarp under your tent.
  10. Buy good quality gear to begin with, you'll regret it otherwise.
  11. Take flip flops into the shower.
  12. Take a warm sleeping bag, nights drop cold even on the hottest days.
  13. Bring a broom to sweep the tent.
  14. Pack only what you need, especially if hiking.
  15. Pack warm clothes
  16. Get to your camp site early.
  17. Put a tarp over your tent
  18. If you come home in the same clothes you left in, you had a good time!
  19. Bring some firewood
  20. Have fun!
  21. Bring rain gear
  22. Remove all sticks and rocks before setting up your tent
  23. Dont let your ground sheet extend out from under your tent.  Otherwise you'll end up with a puddle under your tent!
  24. Read the instructions!
  25. A headlamp is better than a flash light, you can use both hands! 
  26. Make a camping check-list
  27. Always insulate yourself from the ground using foam, or a self inflating mattress.  Your sleeping bag isn't enough!
  28. Take your shoes off before getting into the tent.
  29. Always pack for cooler weather regardless of how warm it is
  30. Enjoy the night noises, do not be afraid of them
  31. Bring a good knife
  32. Go with someone who knows what they're doing!
  33. Pack toilet paper
  34. Wear your hiking shoes before you go for a hike!  Avoid nasty blisters!
  35. Dont bring food into your tent
  36. Pack extra tent pegs
  37. Pack duct tape
  38. Bring an extra blanket
  39. Arrive in the daylight
  40. If you want a good nights sleep, invest in a self inflating mattress.  Forget the air beds.
  41. Pack lots of water
  42. If your tent needs seam sealing, do it before it's raining! 
  43. Shake your shoes before putting them on!
  44. Take some time to look at the stars.
  45. Do not eat yellow snow
  46. Do not pitch your tent on the top of an anthill.
  47. Be prepared for a middle of the night toilet run.  Put the flash light somewhere easy to find.
  48. NEVER bring anything flammable into the tent.
  49. Always bring a fully supplied first aid kit.
  50. Leave the electronic toys at home
  51. Always keep the zipper to your tent closed
  52. Pack sunscreen!
  53. Do not worry about how you look, just have fun!
  54. You never need as much clothes as you want to bring.  
  55. Enjoy the time away from work and computers
  56. Make sure you remember the tarp poles
  57. You can choose your level of camping.  Sometimes it's nice to sleep in the tent but always eat out.  Keeps it simple.
  58. Avoid setting up under trees - especially gum trees!
  59. Choose a campsite with adequate drainage, preferably a slight slope.  
  60. Sleep with your feet down the hill.
  61. Pack plenty of books!  Without the distractions of modern life, you'll be amazed how much you can get through.
  62. Pack more than enough pegs, ropes and poles.
  63. Clean up before you leave.  Leave no trace!
  64. Avoid touching the walls of your tent.  You'll get wet.
  65. Do not be afraid to ask for help from fellow campers.
  66. Pack a compass.
  67. Plan on simple meals the first time.
  68. Don't forget a hammer.
  69. Pack some board games.
  70. Bring extra batteries for your camera!
  71. Tell family and friends where you are going and how long you'll be
  72. If it's cold at night, sleep with your beanie on.
  73. Prepare for the worst, expect the best
  74. Take it easy the first time, practise!
  75. Do not substitute toilet paper with Poison Ivy.  
  76. Bring fire starting equipment.
  77. Make a list of what you didn't need, and what you would have liked to have brought for next time!
  78. Store your clothes in a waterproof container.
  79. Bring your Leatherman!
  80. Consider bringing frozen meals made at home.  Reheat and enjoy!
Do you have any extra camping tips?  Please share them in the comments below! 


  1. I think there are probably some very interesting stories behind most of these...

  2. You're not wrong! Probably some very funny ones too!

  3. I especially like tip 75. Ouch!

  4. Take a couple of garden solar lights for extra light at night.

  5. I really like that tip thank-you! Definitely going to try taking some garden lights with me next time! Cheers, Jon

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