Thursday, September 15

Go camping to REALLY experience nature and the outdoors.

My CampEzi Rafferty Swag early in the morning on Fraser Island.

These days our jobs require us to be inside in an office more and more more.  Whilst this may sound glorious to those who are outside everyday working it can become a bit much at times.  Typically many office workers will wake up, get in their car, sit in the office, get in their car, sit at home and then sleep.  Never actually making it outside.

When you do get outside, everything that you had forgotten you were missing comes flooding back such as:
  • Stars - how many there are and how you'd forgotten what they really looked like.   
  • Sunrays - they just feel so good on your skin.  Don't forget the sunscreen.
  • The moon - how bright it can be.
  • Campfires & Marshmellows - so much warmer than the open fire place at home.  
  • Cooking - Cooking whilst camping is somehow far more enjoyable, and definitely more tasty.
  • Waking up early - sounds horrible, but waking up early is pleasant whilst on holidays camping.
  • Nature - listening to all the noises, the rustling of the trees etc.
  • Weather - be it wind, rain or hail.  When you're camping it is so much more real than being in your house.  It is enjoyable! Seriously! 
These things can so often be missed or not enjoyed to their full when holidaying in a unit, cabin or apartment.    

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