Friday, February 24

The Aussie Damper Shortcut

Cooking a good damper do go with your meal in the bush is fantastic.  It goes well with all meals with a bit of butter, or can make a great morning tea with some Golden Syrup or Vegemite!

The basic recipe for damper involves just self raising flour and water mixed into the consistency of dough.  Historically, many bush dampers prepared by stock men and the like were cooked just by covering the dough in ashes.  Typically however in more recent times damper is cooked in a dutch oven or camp oven.

These days where our primary mode of transport is a car rather than horse, we can carry a few extra bits and pieces to make our food abit more tasty.  For some recipes, some really tasty ones can be found on the Albany Australia website

If you're just wanting to through a damper together really quick.  There are now a few pre-made damper mixes that can be bought from any Tentworld store.

They're available in four flavours:
  1. Original Damper
  2. Pumpkin and Chive Damper
  3. Chocolate Damper
  4. Italian Herb Damper
Have you tried one of these pre-mix damper recipes? Or have a secret ingredient to your damper?  Tell me about it in the comments below!

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