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Q&A - Should I discharge gas from the line in between uses?


Hi Jon,

Hope it is alright to email you. I have only been getting your emails for a little while, but wonder if you ever address questions from people.

One thing I would like to know is whether I should let the gas out of the line after finishing using my camping stove, or should I leave it in there and keep the line pressurised. The same question probably applies to home barbecues. If there is a preferred option, what are the reasons for it.

I am not a seasoned camper, but my family and I do like it, even though we only get away once or twice a year. Anything you can suggest would be most welcome given our lack of experience and knowledge.




Hi Peter,

Sure no worries, always pleased to help! :)

We recommend always discharging the gas from the line to your stove, BBQ or any portable gas equipment.  Always turn the gas off at the bottle in between uses as well.   Generally, when I've finished with any gas appliance I'll turn it off at the bottle instead of the valves and let it burn out.

The reason for this, is that often the valves on this equipment are designed more for regulation of volume rather than to necessarily stop the flow of gas.  Therefore when in the 'off' position, they may leak slightly, this will of course waste gas, and could also pose a possible danger too.  

In addition to those reasons, sometimes if gas is allowed to stay in the lines it will return to liquid.  This can be dangerous, in that when you go to use that gas appliance again it could 'flame out' where a large volume of liquefied gas comes out of the burners at once.

If you manage to get away camping once or twice a year, you're doing very well! 

Feel free to ask me anything else you're unsure of. 

Hope you're having a great weekend


Jon Burrell
1300 836 896 

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