Tuesday, August 14

How to light your Ozpig

OzPig Fire lighting tips.....

Like all BBQ's as soon as the Ozpigs fire is lit, everyone wants to eat!

Ozpig in action doing what it does best!
 As with all things in life if you want it to be perfect, you need to prepare.

Depending on the wood used, between 20-40 minutes are needed to get a good fire going - before starting the cook up! 


Starting a small fire with paper and kindling is the best way to light your Ozpig.  Resist the temptation to use lighter fluid or any other flammable liquids.  Instead use a few fire lighters, they will do the trick nicely. 

As the fire gets going in your Ozpig, gradually add heavier wood without choking the fire.  During the startup it's advisable to leave the top of your Ozpig open.  This will help keep the smoke levels down. 


Coals & more coals.  The success to having a good BBQ in your Ozpig, or for any other BBQ is dependent on having plenty of hot coals.  It depends on the wood that is used - some wood gives good long lasing coals.  Hardwoods like Red Gum etc are great in your Ozpig.  Other timbers burn down to ash with no heat at all.

When using your Ozpig at home, do check with your city council to see if they have banned wood in outside BBQs and braziers.  In areas where this limitation has been placed, it's often best to use Charcoal or Heat Beads as your next best viable option. 

Use a pair of BBQ tongs so you don't burn your fingertips, this will also help keep your hands clean. 

Once the BBQ plate has been swiveled back on the top of the fire -we recommend that you keep the door on your Ozpig slightly ajar.

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