Monday, October 8

5 Reasons to go camping!

I dont need a reason to go camping, but here are a few reasons why I love camping.  These reasons are ranked in no particular order.

Reason No 1: To remove yourself from technology.
So many people are attached to technology permanently, myself included I spend the vast majority of my working day in front of the computer I then go home and spend my evening in front of a computer.  When I'm not in front of a computer, I have a smartphone in my pocket letting me know everything I'm missing on my computer.

I admit it, I like going to beach apartments for holidays too but the big thing with these holidays is it does not remove you from technology.  Constantly, I find myself on my laptop or on my phone reading about different things and doing work.  Perhaps I have a problem and am addicted to technology, but I know I am not alone in this.

Going camping, makes things more difficult for me to maintain my addiction.  Outside, the sun is bright it makes computer screens hard to see and power is a little harder to come by depending on where you're camping.  Hopefully, mobile phone signal is poor or non existent so the internet cannot be accessed through the smartphone.

Not being connected to technology, the finer things in life become apparent again. How nice it is to sit in the sun looking at the ocean. Reading a book. Taking a walk. These are the things I enjoy, but so often dont do when connected to the world.

Reason No 2:  A Cheap Holiday

Camp site fees are not expensive.  You can rent a camp site for the whole family for less than $30 a night.  Sure, the initial fit out to get the gear you need might cost a little but spread out over the lifetime of the goods it is nothing and a solid investment for future holidays.

Reason No 3:  Getting Outside

These days our jobs require us to be inside in an office more and more more.  Whilst this may sound glorious to those who are outside everyday working it can become a bit much at times.  Typically many office workers will wake up, get in their car, sit in the office, get in their car, sit at home and then sleep.  Never actually making it outside.

When you do get outside, especially at night there is so much that you forgot about such as:
  • Stars - how many there are and how you'd forgotten what they really looked like.   
  • The moon - how bright it can be! 
  • Campfires & Marshmellows - so much warmer than the open fire place at home.  
  • Cooking - Cooking whilst camping is somehow far more enjoyable, and definitely more tasty.
  • Waking up early - sounds horrible, but waking up early is pleasant whilst on holidays camping.
  • Nature - listening to all the noises, the rustling of the trees etc.
Reason No 4: Memories
Because you're not protected from everything in the world like you are in a building, your memories are much stronger.  You remember that super hot summer where all you did was sit in the ocean. You remember that time when camping at the coast when all it did was rain, but despite that everyone swam in the ocean.

I have had my share of holidays where the weather wasn't good but I was in an apartment.  I can remember playing alot of board games, but I don't remember it favourably.  It seems that when camping, despite what the weather holds for you the memories are stronger and regardless of what the weather did the memory is good.

For me most of my favourite memories of holidaying with my family, is from camping.

Reason No 5:  Socialisation
Going camping is generally a social experience, you will meet many other like minded campers some you like some you might not.  The best thing though is that everyone is friendly, and everyone is out there to have a good time.  You don't need to be sociable if you do not want, but the camping environment and atmosphere is sociable and friendly.  

How often when you have booked a unit away, do you meet anyone else?  Do you get to meet someone that is from the other side of Australia? Or someone from another country?  Unless you go out of your way to do so, you would probably answer this with none.  When camping, you can probably tick each of those above boxes each day, without much trouble at all.  

If your car was to break down on the highway, would you expect anyone to stop and help?  Probably not we are all advised not to in-case it is a set-up designed to get us out of our cars.  

If you stop on Fraser Island, put the bonnet up to check the water levels, you'll find so many people stopping genuinely wanting to help that you end up having to try wave people off before they stop!  

If none of this appeals to you, I can guarantee your kids will love it.  Camp grounds often have lots of kids, and they tend to operate in packs exploring and terrorising wherever they go generally having a great time.  They play all day with their new found friends, only coming back for meals and sleep when you finally reel them in.  Essentially it is a free day care service where you can relax how you choose and your kids are having an absolute ball.


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