Thursday, March 14

How do you setup a OZtrail Deluxe Gazebo?

The OZtrail Deluxe Gazebo - Australias most popular outdoor portable gazebo.
Setting up the OZtrail Deluxe Gazebo is quick and easy.  However, if you follow a few simple steps, it can be made even easier.   Follow these instructions below:
  1. Get a friend to help you, or a neighbour at the camp site!
  2. Extend gazebo frame out half way.
  3. Throw gazebo canopy over the top and match the velcro on the canopy to the corners.
  4. Extend gazebo frame right out until frame is locked in position and canopy is tight. 
  5. Adjust gazebo canopy to ensure canopy is tight.
  6. Peg down feet
  7. Extend canopy height to desired position.
  8. Peg out storm ties.
To pack it down reverse the above! 

Watch the following video, showing you a demonstration on how to set up a OZtrail Deluxe Gazebo.

Remember when camping with your gazebo, if it starts raining be mindful of the need to adjust your storm ties, and if water pooling occurs to remove it. 

If winds get very high, try reducing the height of your gazebo.  This will sometimes reduce the weight load on your gazebo frame.  

For pricing, and specification of the OZtrail Deluxe Gazebo click here!

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