Thursday, May 30

Best way to light your Ozpig! 4 simple steps!

So you've now got your brand new OZPIG - Congratulations!

But what is the fastest way to get your Ozpig hot quick smart?  In the following video, Anthony from Ozpig will show us how to light the Ozpig! 

Anthony, from the family who invented the Ozpig shows us the best way.  He recommends you follow these steps to light your Ozpig, quickly and effectively.

Step 1 -  Take 4 fire lighters, and loosely scrunch each of them into a separate ball of newspaper.   
Step 2 -  Place each newspaper fire lighter ball in each corner of your Ozpig
Step 3 -  Create a tepee inside your Ozpig, using nice dry small kindling.
Step 4 -  Light your Ozpig and enjoy! 

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