Monday, 2 December 2013

Q&A: What portable camping toilet do I choose?

Hi there, I'm wanting to buy a camping toilet for my parents can you advise which is the best and easiest etc etc please?. They are in their late 70's so I want something that's fool proof, user friendly - they have only recently gotten into camping Many thanks


Morning Jane,

I would recommend the Dometic SaniPotti 976 toilet.

The Dometic 976 portable camping toilet is a great choice for caravanners and campers.
I own this toilet myself and I chose it for the following reasons:
  • Pressurised flush tank, makes it more water efficient.  Meaning you can go longer without having to empty the holding tank.
  • Extended pouring funnel, allows you to be further away from the pouring action when you're emptying the toilet.
  • Breathing valve on the holding tank, means that you can pour it without it glugging for air meaning a nice smooth pouring action with minimal chance of splashing.  
  • Dometic have service agents across Australia, so it can be repaired wherever you are.


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