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A few simple camping tips to make your next outdoor adventure easier

A few simple camping tips to make your next outdoor adventure a blast!

Each time before we go camping I find myself looking up tips and or ideas online so I thought I would put a few of my favourite tip finds together. 

Tip one - Add Sage to your fire to scare away mosquitoes and other bugs then climb under your mosquito net before bed

Sage can be found growing in many Australian backyards.  It's good to cook with, and to burn!
Mosquitoes and other insects can be a pain when camping and can really upset the mood.  On a recent camping trip we stayed in a beautiful private spot, which had lovely trees and a gorgeous river, which of course meant thousands of mosquitoes.  They were so bad that the minute they could get through the bug spray they would and unfortunately the face was not off limits.

This was a real problem for us as I have a son who reacts quite badly to bites and a baby daughter who sucks her thumb - I of course didn't want her eating the bug spray.   When we got back I did some research on some natural remedies and came across this one.  I love the idea of this and look forward to trying it on our next trip just hope its not too smelly.  If I end up going away with my extended family,  I might try it in their Ozpig too!

Tip two - Set up a hand washing station using a water drum with a tap and attach paper towel with a bungee cord on top

As I mentioned above we have two young children and are constantly needing to wash hands and/or faces.  This tip is so useful and makes it unbelievably easy to clean up.  It also shows the kids where to go to wash their hands so there is no excuses and there is no longer a need to be scratching around trying to find a towel to dry your on.

Tip three - Keep your toilet paper clean by using an old plastic container as a toilet roll dispenser to keep near your portable toilet by making a vertical cut out in the plastic and threading the toilet paper through

This is another tip I read and now can't imagine doing it any other way.  It is so simple, costs nothing and yet is so effective.  No more having to worry about where to put the toilet paper
when using a portable toilet where the grass can often be damp from overnight dew.

Tip 4 - Tick repellent - 1 part Tea Tree Oil, two parts water then spray on shoes and socks

I am not sure why this tip works but it does.  Very useful when camping in a tick prone area.  In fact Tea Tree Oil is pretty useful.  It will also get the tick to unlatch if you place a drop directly onto the tick.

Tip 5 - When packing up wrap shoes in a shower cap to prevent them from putting mud on your other clothes

I always struggle with dirty shoes and packing.  They ruin your clothes and make the washing so much harder when you get home, however since I heard of this tip it has not been a problem. I never realised how useful a shower cap could be.

Tip 6 - Use foam floor tiles for a softer more comfortable tent floor

This is another tip I learned and now couldn't do without.  I love having the softer floors and it acts as an extra layer for warmth.  They are also easy to pull out and clean.  If needed they can be pulled out the tent and become a great play mat for the kids.

I hope these tips help you as much as they have helped me.

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