Monday, August 29

Go on a camping holiday to Unplug.

Over the next few weeks, I am trying to detail all the reasons people go camping. Please let me know why you like to go camping! One of the biggest reasons I like to go camping, is to unplug.  Read More.

Above: A beach near Perth Western Australia
Why Go on a camping holiday? To Unplug
 So many people are attached to technology permanently, myself included in a normal week day I will spend 10+ hours in front of a PC. I spend the vast majority of my working day in front of the computer, then head home to spend my evening in front of a computer.  When I'm not in front of the computer I still have my smartphone, which beeps and carries on as emails and messages come through. Going on holidays with technology means that work is not far away.

A big appeal for me in going camping, is the ability to 'unplug' or to remove myself as far as I can from technology and work. At least for me, being forced to remove yourself from technology is the only way to ensure it happens. So often, I will say to myself - no I wont use my laptop today and I will not look at my emails. I rarely stick to this though, perhaps I have a self control issue? The first few days are difficult for me without my laptop, phone and TV. It is much like a drug addiction and I suffer withdrawal - pacing back and forth not knowing what to do with myself. I need that high of technology.

 Soon the addiction disappears and I remember what I did BC (Before Computers). I begin to go for walks, I finish three books in as many days, I sit in the sun, I begin to relax, slowly removing myself from the internet world and subsequently work. After all, isn't this is why we go on holidays?! I am no longer under time constraints and deadlines. The toughest thing I have to consider is what I'm going to cook for dinner.  Decisions!

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