Thursday, 10 May 2012

NEW!! Companion Aqua Cube Logic ! Just out!


JUST OUT! The new Companion Aqua Cube Logic will be hitting the Tentworld shelves in the next few days. 

I have been fortunate enough to have a brief play with the new Companion Hot Water System delivered to us by Primus Australia.  This hot water system designed specifically for campers is awesome.

Quick video showing the Companion Aquacube setup and in action!
It is simple to use and has a digital control panel which provides read outs for water temperature both entering and exiting the system.  It features two water outlets one for showers, and the other for the basin.  Where the water comes from is controlled via a button on the front of the unit.
Water cannot come from both the sink and shower outlet simultaneously however, but it does open up a lot of exciting possibilities!  Especially for those looking for a great economic hot water solution for their camper trailers.   Allowing home modders to plumb in their own hot water sink and shower.

Video:  Unboxing the Companion Aqua Cube Logic.
This unit also has its own built in rechargeable power source making it extremely portable! 

However, the biggest seperator here is that it can operate whilst being recharged!  No more being caught out if your battery is flat!  That being said, the unit will operate for around 40 minutes on a single charge.  Stacks of hot water when you're in the bush! The Companion Aqua Cube Logic, is by far the most technically superior hot water camping system on the market today and will make many campers extremely happy!

The Companion Aquacube Logic has now been superseded by the 
available at Tentworld.


  1. My previous Aqua Cube lasted 3 showers befor it went back for repairs...then it lasted a further 6 showers befor it went back for a second lot of repairs...this time its only lasted 1 shower, but now its out of warrenty. What guarentee is there that this new system is any better

  2. Hi Narelle,

    The new Aquacube Logic comes with 12 months warranty.

    Ontop of that though, the Aquacube Logic is the evolved model of the previous Aquacube Series II.

    Companion, have taken all feedback and looked at solving all issues to make a better unit overall.

    improved on all aspects of the unit and have taken customer feedback into account too. This is a much improved unit.

    I really like this unit, and so do all the crew at Tentworld. I think you'd be very pleased with one of these. Feel free to come into any of our retail outlets and have a play with one if you like. We have operating displays in all shops.


    1300 836 896

  3. We have a new Aqua cube logic. It keeps blowing the fuse. Is this a normal problem?

  4. Do these units require a separate pump or is there one built in?

    1. Hey,

      Sorry for the late replies to both these posts. I dont seem to have gotten the notification for either of these.

      It's not normal for the Aquacube to blow fuses, I have not encountered it at all actually. Have you contacted Companion about the issue?

      Scuba, they come with a pump that is submerged into the water.

      Hope this answers your questions.




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