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Most Popular: Blackwolf Turbo FS 240 Lite quick pitch tent!

The Blackwolf FS 240 Lite is one of the most popular tents in the Blackwolf Turbo tent range.  This is due to its superior fast pitch design, and light weight portability provided by the polyester construction. 

This video demonstrates how quick and easy the Turbo FS 240 Lite is to setup.

The 240 lite is perfect for two people to sleep on stretchers, with some gear as well.  It measures 2.4m x 2.4m with a centre height of 210cm.  It also weighs just 13.4kgs making it manageable for most adults and older children.

It can comfortably sleep 3 with no gear or stretchers if needed.  The tent is however rated as being a four person tent, though you would want to be pretty close if you were to sleep four in this tent!

The 240 Lite will accommodate a couple of stretchers, which sets it apart from the smaller Blackwolf Turbo FS210 Lite model. 

This style of tent is perfect for couples who would like to get away from the weekend.  Who want something that is minimum fuss, reliable and offers enough head room.

The new 2012 Blackwolf Turbo range also feature gusseted windows. These are a great addition to the already very reliable Turbo tent. Allowing you to leave the windows partially open even in the rain.

This 240 lite, is easy and quick to set up taking around 10-15 minutes on your own or around 7 minutes with help.  Packing it away is just as easy, the bag is also nice and spacious and not too difficult to get back into the bag. Though like everything, you need to learn the tricks to get it in there. 

The one trick I find that works well to get the Turbo tent back into the bag is:  Roll the material using the frame.  Strap it together, put one end of the tent into the bag then pull the bag around the tent.  Push your fly in around the tent once it's in the bag.

The Turbo Lite FS240 has now been superseded by the 
Blackwolf Turbo Lite 240
which can be found here.

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