Monday, January 21

Dometic RC1180 3-way gas fridge review

The Dometic Chescold RC1180 is the most popular 3 way gas fridge in Australia currently.  They are the perfect fridge for beach camping, caravanning and long term travelling. 
The Dometic Chescold RC1180 is a tried and tested favourite and can be found in campsites all around Australia
They are popular for good reason, some of these are:
  • Cheap to run, one 9kg gas bottle will last 2+ weeks.
  • Decent sized fridge & freezer sections. 
  • Divider able to be removed to make the whole unit fridge or freezer.
  • Able to be run from 240v 12v & Gas. 

So far, upon checking right now the website Product Review has received 14 reviews for the Dometic RC1180, and has a 4.1/5 star rating.  
Here are some of the positive things that the Product Review users had to say about the RC1180:
  • Purchased my RC1180 second hand 10 years ago.  Never had a problem, good sturdy and can take a knock. 
  • Easy to use.
  • Great cooling & freezing capacity.
  • Built to last - 15 years and going strong.
  • Doubles as extra overflow freezer at home on 240v
  • Able to stay in one place without having to worry about batteries, 1x 4.5kg bottle lasts exactly 10 days.
  • Works great as a fridge & seat!
  • Can enjoy ice-cream while camping!
  • No hassles with batteries or solar panels!
Here are a few of the negative things that users had to say about the RC1180:
  • Needs to be as level as possible to work properly.
  • Wont work in the car when travelling (very well)
  • To operate on 12v you need extra heavy duty wiring. 
  • Uses a lot of power on 12v.  Do not forget to swap to gas when you get to camp!  Your battery will be flat in no time!
  • 12v is not worth using.
  • Heavy & Hard to lift when fully loaded.
  • No internal basket.
  • Carry handles could be better.  Awkward to carry for longer distances with current handles.
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