Thursday, February 7

All New! Companion Aquacube Digital - Orange hot water system

The All New AquaCube Digital, is a new addition to the Companion Aqua Cube hot water system range.
Soon to be released, is the new Companion Aquacube Digital.  The newest addition to the Aquacube range by Companion. 

The Companion Aqua Cube Digital, is a entry model into the hot water system range. 

It has the following features:
  1. Digital temperature display (hot water only)
  2. Continuous instant hot water
  3. Adjustable shower head, for flow and style. 
  4. 12V DC power adaptor
  5. Built in regulator for disposable BOM propane cartridges.   Adapter available to run from standard camping or BBQ bottles (sold separately)
  6. Auto Ignition burner
  7. Silicone hoses with quick connect fittings
  8. Carry bag.
At Tentworld, we believe that this new Companion Aquacube Digital will compliment the existing Companion Aquacube Logic perfectly.  Offering a cheaper entry point, taking away features that some customers did not require. 

The Companion Aquacube Logic, in comparison offers these additional features:
  1. Hot Water & Cold Water temperature displays - simultaniously
  2. Rechargeable battery
  3. Operates from 12v & 240v.  
  4. Dual water outlets - shower & tap.

For more specifications and current special price, please click the following:

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