Monday, July 21

My New Tent: OZtrail Breezeway 3V

For the last few years, I've been doing all my camping in my Blackwolf Turbo 210 Canvas Tent.  This tent has been great for me, and is super easy to pitch and very spacious but it has some limitations.

Last year I bought a boat to do some camping with.  Up until now I've done my camping in my Landcruiser and previously a Commodore Ute so I've never been too shy of space.

My Blackwolf Turbo 210 setup at Atkinson Dam.  Camping near the water has always been a favourite of mine, even before I got a boat!
Unfortunately,  my recently purchased boat does not have as large an area to store camping gear as it cant be stacked as well or as high as it could be in the Landcruiser.  The items I needed to pack from largest to smallest were: Blackwolf Turbo 210 Tent,  Waeco CFX-50 Portable Fridge,  Blackwolf Mega Deluxe Mats x 2,  Coleman Pilbara C-3 Sleeping bags,  Coleman Event 14 Deluxe and then Engel Smart Battery Box.

For me,  sleeping comfort is most essential so the Blackwolf Mega Deluxe self inflating mattresses couldnt be downgraded.  The Waeco Fridge is not really able to be reduced down in size as it's needed for food and very important beer!  Besides,  it's already much more space efficient than an icebox.  The Coleman Event 14 is a very efficient for space shade shelter, and the group I was going camping with were planning on using this for the long weekend so it couldnt go.  The Engel Smart Battery box is required to run the Waeco fridge as well as my CampEzi LED Strip lights so the only real target is the tent,  after that things get real serious!   

OZtrail Breeway 3v tent at Stradbroke Island
My new OZtrail Breezeway 3V tent on its first run at Stradbroke Island!  
So the decision was made,  I would choose a smaller tent because once you're asleep you're just as comfortable as before and getting changed on your hands and knees is not too bad anyway.  

I've been a fan of the OZTrail Breezeway tent range for some time,  I like the new blue colouring and I really like the large windows that can be closed from inside the tent.

In addition to that you can open the windows fully if you want to reach out to pass something through the window (not sure when I'd do that, but I can!)  

OZtrail Breezeway 3V tent
My Oztrail Breezeway 3v on its second voyage,  this time on private property in Witta behind the Sunshine Coast.  
The little awning out the front of the OZtrail Breezeway 3V is a nice feature to help with keeping your shoes and other bits of gear dry that you dont want inside your tent.  

This tent is much much smaller!  It measures just 54x18x18cm,  tiny compared to my Blackwolf at 110cmx30x30 and much lighter too at just 4.8kg vs 18kgs.  

So far I've been very pleased with my OZtrail Breezeway 3V,  it will of course never surpass the Blackwolf Turbo 210 tent but when space is at a premium this tent does a very nice job and offers some nice comforts.

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