Monday, June 25

How long will my fridge go on gas?

Gas fridges or 3 way fridges are some of the most popular fridges in the market today.  They're the perfect solution for someone wanting to set up a base camp in the one location for several weeks.

Imagine spending several weeks in a remote tropical location.  This is possible with a Chescold RC1180.
One of the most popular 3 way gas fridge models in Australia, is the Dometic Chescold RC1180.  Three way fridges get their name by their ability to run from three different power sources - Mains (240v), DC (12/24v) and gas.

The Dometic Chescold RC1180, the most popular 3 way fridge in Australia.

These fridges, being designed for remote destination camping is most efficient on gas, then mains then DC power. 

In a typical day, it will consume around 400grams of gas.  This means, running on your standard 9kg BBQ bottle that you may have at home your fridge will last for around 22 days. 

These 3-way fridges therefore give you great flexibility in not having to worry about alternative power sources, solar panels, dual batteries or wind turbine power. 

If your preferred style of camping is setting up in the one location for a week or more, the 3 way fridge is for you.  If you're more of a traveller, and like to change locations often the better choice for you is a compressor fridge. 

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