Monday, June 25

Hot water made easy, using the Companion AquaCube Logic!

The Companion Aquacube Logic has been available now from Tentworld for around a month.  Talk about hitting the market by storm!  We've had trouble keeping this one on the shelves any longer than a few days. 
After a tough days fishing, it's good to be able to wash off the scales from all the fish you've caught with hot water. Or if you're like me, just the salt water, because you caught nothing.
There is a lot to be said for having readily available hot water when camping.  In many instances, it's the difference between having a shower or not. 


After a long tiring day, the last thing you often want to do is labour over having to organise hot water to have a shower so you can go to bed.  In many cases, the shower is skipped. 

While I can tolerate this myself for a little while sometimes, I prefer not too.  I also prefer to take my girlfriend camping whenever I can too, and without hot water I will not remain popular for long! 
That being said,  having a hot shower at the end of the day is a habit that I enjoy and I definitely prefer not to do without it.
The Companion Aquacube Logic, makes getting hot water when camping simple!
Sure, I LOVE camping, but for me it's about seeing the countryside, getting away from civilisation and away from technology. 

To me camping is more about appreciating Australia and the countryside, and all that it offers.  There is so much that you miss out on being behind a brick wall, gazing at the countryside through a window in an air-conditioned miniature environment. 
Hot water is something that we as humans have enjoyed for many many centuries and I am quite happy to enjoy the simplicity that an instant hot water system offers.

For this reason, there is a lot to like about the new Companion Aquacube Logic; it just makes getting hot water so simple.

A nice video on the operation of the Companion Aquacube Logic.

From the digital temperature read outs of both water coming in and water going out, to the one button start stop operation.  The dual water outlets help with functionality, making it easy to wash up in the camp kitchn with the swing out tap on the side. 

Included in the box the Companion Aquacube Logic, comes with the shower head attachment, the carry bag and pump included in the original carton.  Many campers, will also want to buy the optional gas hose adaptor.  This hose allows you to use regular LPG from your typical camping gas bottle (3/8th) or your BBQ bottle (POL). 

With the ability to run directly from 12v (cigarette lighter) or 240v (mains power) the flexibility of this unit is great.  The unit will generally last around 30 - 40 minutes between charges.

It's also very efficient, at full blast it uses 450grams of gas an hour. 

You can read my other article on my first impressions the Companion Aquacube Logic here.

The Companion Aquacube Logic has now been superseded by the Companion Aquacube Lithium which features several improvements and upgrades.

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